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    • Within the return program of the Ministry of the Displaced, the office of studies at the Ministry prepared preliminary reports describing the current state of the targeted villages and their reconstruction and rehabilitation priorities. These series of reports describe the situation in the villages of Aley, Baabda and Chouf cazas (districts), where major displacements have occurred.

    • The Lebanese Republic, Ministry of the Displaced, A'idoun Office. Return Plan to
      - Deir el-Harf - Baabda
      - Jourat Arsoun - Baabda

      - Ain el-Assad - Chouf
      - Ain el-Hor - Chouf
      - Alman -Chouf
      - Bireh - Chouf
      - Bkifa - Chouf
      - Bnwayteh - Chouf (carte)
      - Bourjayn - Chouf
      - Dahr el-Mghara - Chouf
      - Debieh - Chouf
      - Jeayel - Chouf
      - Jleilyeh - Chouf
      - Kfarkatra - Chouf
      - Kfarnabrakh - Chouf
      - Kfarnis - Chouf
      - Kherbet Bisri - Chouf
      - Meshref - Chouf
      - Mouhtoukra - Chouf
      - Naemeh - Chouf
      - Niha - Chouf
      - Wadi Bnahley - Chouf
      - Wadi el-Deir - Chouf
      - Wadi el-Sit - Chouf

      - Aghmid - Aley (carte)
      - Ain el-Halzon - Aley
      - Behwarah - Aley
      - Btalloun - Aley
      - Doueir el-Remman - Aley
      - Habrmoun - Aley
      - Kfaramay - Aley
      - Mansouriet Bhamdoun - Aley
      - Rechmaya - Aley
      - Rijmeh - Aley
      - Roueisset el-Neeman - Aley

      These reports are available in English and Arabic. Consult also the Ministry of the Displaced website (button links).

    • La population déplacée au Liban : 1975-1987. Robert Kasparian et André Beaudoin, Institut d'Etudes en Sciences Sociales Appliquées, Université Saint-Joseph, Beyrouth et Université Laval, Québec, Canada. Octobre 1991 (available in French).

    • Les Déplacés, causes et attitudes. Secrétariat d'Information, Conférence nationale Générale des Déplacés, Beyrouth, juillet 1992 (available in French).

    • The Coming back of Displaced, Status and Suggestions. The Maronite League, Displaced Committee, March 1999.

    • Report of the Service to Refugees, Displaced and Migrants to the VII General Assembly. Published by the MECC (Middle East Council of Churches), Dar Saydet el-Jabal, April 26-30, 1999, Fatqa, lebanon.

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    • Internally Displaced Persons Compilation and Analysis of Legal Norms, by Francis M.Deng, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, 1998.

    • The Protection of Internally Displaced Persons : Platform, Concepts and Strategies, by Jan Borgen, Legal and Policy Adviser. Published by the Norwegian Refugee Council, 1994.

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