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1997 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000


  1. November
  2. December

  1. November 1997

    • 21 Nov 97:

      The Maronite League urged the government to curb wasteful public spending by imposing stricter controls on the National fund for the Displaced, the National Salvation fund, the Council of the South and the Council for Development and Reconstruction.

        Traditional houses,other victims of displacement?
    • 27 Nov 97:

      Minister for the displaced Walid Jumblatt said that the ministry would receive funds to secure the return of displaced people next summer, since this issue is included in the Troika's agreement.

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  2. December 1997

    • 18 Dec 97:

      Walid Jumblatt declared Christianity, Islam and the judiciary "dead" and warned that he may resort to arms if other parties wanted to return the country back to war.

    • 27 Dec 97:

      The president of the General Labour Confederation (GLC) Ghanem Zoghbi appealed to parliament not to endorse the new rent law warning that it could lead to a social disaster, since it threatens to displace thousands of tenants most of whom were middle-class citizens.

    • 31 Dec 97:

      The finance and budget parliamentary committee and the housing parliamentary committee addressed a recommendation to the government, demanding that the displaced file should be given priority.
      The committee called on the government to secure the capital necessary to complete the return of the displaced to their homes and villages according to a well-defined plan. They stressed the issue was urgent, and should be closed so the country can return back to normal.

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