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  1. January 2000

    January 14
    Zahle MP Mr. Khalil HRAOUI stated that the program for the return of the displaced will cost around 600 million dollars spread over three years. However, in parallel, the parliamentary committee for finance and budgeting refused to grant special powers to the Central Fund for the Displaced (such as the possibility to contract loans in order to finance its activities) (The Daily Star and L'Orient-Lejour)

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  2. March 2000

    • March 1st

      President of the Central Fund for the Displaced Mr. Chadi MASSAAD stated that all displaced will have returned to their homes by 2001. Approximately 500 000 people have been displaced between 1975 and 1990. (The Daily Star)

    • March 27
      The Minister for the Displaced Mr. Anouar EL KHALIL, declared that the current government has managed to take census, in 7 months, of more destroyed houses than the Hariri government was able to in three years. (The Daily Star)

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  3. April 2000

    April 3
    A meeting for reconciliation was held in the town of Salima under the sponsorship of the Ministry for the Displaced Anouar EL KHALIL. The town became the symbol of Mr. MASSAAD's commitment to ensure the return of all the displaced by 2001. (The Daily Star)

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  4. May 2000

    May 23
    Another symbolic reconciliation in Bmaryam between the people of the village and the displaced. Mr Anouar EL KHALIL declared that this reconciliation was as important as liberating the South from Israeli occupation. (L'Orient-Lejour).

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  5. June 2000

    June 15
    The Maronite Social Institution made available an amount of 15 million dollars for the construction of 448 houses. These houses are, first and foremost, intended for the displaced. (L'Orient-Lejour).

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  6. September 2000

    • September 8

      "The displaced have until mid-December to evacuate all private properties that they have been occupying illegally" declared the Ministry for the displaced Mr. Anouar EL KHALIL. 4000 families were directly affected by this eviction order. (The Daily Star)

    • September 12

      The president of the Central Fund for the Displaced Mr. MASSAAD expects that the reconciliation file in villages with displaced population be closed by the end of the year. (The Daily Star).

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  7. October 2000

    • October 2

      The Central Fund for the Displaced assured that the return of the displaced will be completed, as scheduled, by the end of 2001. (The Daily Star)

    • October 24

      The president of the Central Fund for the Displaced, Mr. Chadi MASSAAD, indicated that the question regarding the eviction of displaced from illegally occupied houses will be settled by the end of the year. (L'Orient-Lejour)

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  8. December 2000

    • December 4
      Mr. Marwan Hamadeh, the new Minister for the displaced reaffirmed his will to evacuate illegally occupied houses in the Southern suburbs of Beirut. The amount for compensation is estimated at 5000$ for the squatters. (The Daily Star)

    • December 6
      The UNDP continues to implement its ambitious project to ensure a complete return of the displaced. This project was launched in 1994 with an initial program which aimed at a social and economic reintegration and rehabilitation of the displaced. The second phase of the project, which includes reconciliation between displaced and families in the village, and social and economic development, started off in 1998 and will continue until 2001. The total budget of the project is estimated at 4 450 000$ and is intended for 11 600 families.

    • December 11
      The return of the displaced in their villages continues with people regaining their home village of Ras el Metn. Their main concern is the lack of infrastructures related to irrigation and distribution of drinking water as well as public lighting. (L'Orient-Lejour)

    • December 23
      President Emile LAHOUD and Marwan HAMADEH have been speeding up the process of the return of the displaced so as to close the file by 2002. Mr. HAMADEH even stated that "Ministry for the Displaced and the Central Fund for the Displaced will cease to exist within 2 years." (L'Orient-Lejour)

    The Minister for the Displaced Marwan Hamadeh insisted on the fact that not only the old generation is expected to return to the Chouf. Young people will also have to contribute in the effort to develop and rehabilitate their village.

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