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As of 1991, the year that marked the end of the war in Lebanon, The Lebanese NGO Forum (LNF) focused its attention on the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as they represented 15 to 25 percent of Lebanon's population (3.2 million, excluding Palestinians and non-Lebanese nationals) subjected to long-term uprooting. The LNF developed and initiated a special resettlement program to address this large-scale human tragedy, ranging from infrastructure rehabilitation to legal awareness and education campaigns, in an effort to eliminate the sequels of war, participate in the consolidation of national reconciliation and contribute to the reconstruction of the Rule of Law in Lebanon.


LEBANON has always been considered a target destination for refugees and asylum seekers. Built on religious diversity, cultural pluralism and on a democratic regime, Lebanon has attracted in the past, several ethnic and confessional groups (Armenians, Kurds, etc.). Today, it still witnesses a persistent flow of persons and families coming from as far as Sudan or Iraq, countries that have no common borders with Lebanon.
On the other hand, the Arab-israeli conflict has resulted in massive displacement of Palestinians towards Lebanon where they are considered as refugees.
The Lebanese NGO Forum (LNF) has included the Refugees in its Human Rights project as another category of vulnerable groups and addressed this problem, by promoting refugees' rights through the dissemination of the universal values carried by the international instruments of protection of human rights and humanitarian law. Consequently, this website, dedicated to refugee issues, proposes to collect and publish information, create a database on the subject and monitor the situation of refugees in Lebanon.


Foreign workers represent the third type of migrant people in Lebanon, if we consider that the movement of populations in this country could be classified in three main categories ,the internally displaced persons,refugees and migrant workers.

Foreign laborers constitue a group who does not have,in the present context, the power to access their rights:lack of knowledge of these rights and the ways to effectively realise these,no concrete means for that.

In an effort to this situation,the Lebanese NGO Forum(LNF) initiated projects to sensitise public opinion and raise the awareness of the Lebanese civil society: studies and reports, training, legal assistance and this monitoring site to follow up on this issue.

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